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Vanessa Sarmiento


Vanessa Sarmiento
Joined on 23/05/2017 Born 17/01/1997
Traveling. Learning. Teaching. Reading. Dancing. Eating. Acting ... Actually, I guess i can be happy easily ... Oh, wait, I am happy.. I'm studying Social Comunication and Journalism. I love acting, so i've worked in theater and i've represented my country in international festivals, also I love cine so I've worked in shortfilms. I love helping people, so i've worked in a lot of volunteering programs; actually, I'm teaching in two foundations. I speak spanish, english and some french. I love learning new things.

I'm happy, i think that's because I can see all the beautiful little things in life. I love what I do (that actually is a lot), and I want to travel the world, because I love having new experiencces and knowing new people and places, but one of the most important things in my life is to help people, and I know I can do a lot of things about it, as in my city as in the entire world, so I want to travel with a reason, and knowing that my hands and habilities will be used for good things.

I've worked in a lot of volunteering programs, specially with homeless, kids in vulnerabiliy and kids with learning problems.
Actually, I'm teaching photography, radio and video in two foundations for kids with different problems, without forgetting the work with homeless people.