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I'd rather show how good I am, than to talk about it.. Hi, my name is Anton Chaplanka I was born at Ukraine at 1996 I'm 22 years old. My Hobbies are : diving, golf, soccer. I have a beautiful border collie her name is Mole I train and travel with her a lot.
In Israel after you finish your army military Service (I had worked with the '"idf eod team") you staring your "big trip" and to start my big trip in volunteering at Africa.
I am a person who believes in values and ethics and I think one of the most important values is to give back to the world and help and now I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to do it.

Animal Care
I Learn at school biology and computer science program. School "Alonei Yitzhak" and My military service has been significant to my development both skillfully, and personally. It made me face the technical challenges and be responsible and relied upon my team. This has given me a sense of purpose and duty, the qualities which are still strong in my life.
at high school
Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS
Second review after Peter response

"My second review on Yaapha. After I got Peter response.
I just wanna tell you this and be very honest.

Imagine yourself going to volunteer for 3 weeks for the first time alone in your life. You put all your effort to come ready for the volunteer, paying 600-700$ (35$ even when the other volunteer there paying 15$ and you're in the same program). You study all the teaching program that you will be responsible for. them to come prepared. And then you're arriving to the airport and because of a mistake they charge you 55$ just to the drive from the airport to Moshi. (after a few weeks the same driver told me that it costs 40$ the same drive so I really don’t know why they charge me 55$ and I didnt pay the taxi but I paid to peter on Paypal [paypal it’s not illegal in tanzania] )

Then you arrive to the volunteer house and you stay there alone for a few days. You understand that there are no volunteers that are coming. And the children are on vacation until next week (Peter told me nothing about that). Also when Peter told me that the volunteer is only 4 hours each day, I thought I will busy we the children all day long.
at that point most of you probably will decide to stay in this kind of place.

Then another guy coming to the volunteer who have been there for 3 weeks and this guy telling you at 12:00 midnight
“there are lying to you they are all liars”
“they doing everything for the money”
“leave this place as quick you can i’m leaving at night”

I had nightmares in this night like probably most of you will have (I don't know this guy and I don't know if its true or not ). At this point I decided not to stay there and tell Peter I’m leaving and I had more reasons but they don’t really matter. Peter told me that this guy causes them problems and Peter still let this guy stay.

Afterwards(2 month) Peter told me that this guy was disturbing girls to have sex with him and still Peter let this guy stay there and volunteer with kids. (picture for proof).
I didn't tell Peter about the guy because I was scared this guy could hurt me. This guy told me that he was a drug dealer and show picture of drugs I didn't want to share that because that's private man life’s but After Peter response I wanna say everything that really happened.I decide to leave like most of you probably will do.

About the part in Peter response that he saying that
“volunteering needs people who are open minded and willing to tackle challenges and able to learn from us, to learn our culture and traditions” after I left I went to Upendo house (orphanage) and I stayed there for 3 week. So really don't have any problem with taking challenges and learn the culture and traditional I have problem to go volunteer with scammer and dishonest people.
Peter promised me that I will get my Refund (picture for proofs). I didn't get any refund.
Peter promise me to give me updates (picture for proof). I didn't get any updates.
I was talking with Peter on Instagram chat cause he didn't answer my Message and email.

I want to be honest and say the refund is not a big matter for me. cause for me the refund. Could be an opportunity for Peter to prove that he is honest and a man of his word. but he his not. And I’m telling this now on public if I will get the money I will donate it for war on cancer ( and I will send the confirmation here."

on 30/09/2019

bad experience + request for help

"Trigger warning: bad experience + request for help!

Hello, everyone, my name is Anton I’m 22 years old from Israel. I came to volunteer with “YAAPHA” on 29 of June until the 21st of July. I want to share with you my experience, which has been quite terrible. I was scammed, mistreated and now am being ignored.

Before I start, I want to say a good word about the guy who cooked the food and worked at security, he was really great and nice guy (even though he didn't know English very well).

The first thing I noticed when I came, was that I'm the only volunteer there. Peter, the manager who was also responsible for the volunteers, told me that no new volunteer will come during my stay only AFTER I came. But maybe 1 woman will come for 1 day only.
Afterward, Peter told me that another volunteer will come the following days from Zanzibar.

In the first days, I was all alone at the volunteer house doing nothing. No one really came to welcome me or show me the place.

At some point, the guy Peter mentioned before joined. He was acting weird and a bit rude, I felt uncomfortable around him. lets say he was not the type of guy you want to stay alone and volunteer with. I felt like he hid something from me but I couldn't say exactly what.
After a while, he decides to share with me those following things:

He told me at 00:00 am:
“leave this place they are lying”,
“they’re doing everything for the money” ,
“I will leave at night I will not even tell them”
and told me he paid 13$ for each day while I paid 35$ per day, and other girls that been there paid 40$ for the exact same volunteer program.
I don't know if it's the truth, but at this point, I knew I can't stay any longer at this place.
I really felt in a nightmare! imagine yourself coming to volunteer alone, for the first time in, Africa, and the only guy there telling you these things at night.

On Monday, I was talking with Peter, and he told me this guy caused them a lot of problems (I didn't know who is telling the truth, but I knew I can't stay there anymore).
For that reason, I can't understand why or how the manager let him stay there, after all the problems he caused.

I told Peter that I want to leave because of several reasons:
- I was the only volunteer there for most of the time there, I didn't want to volunteer alone.
- The program that I was taking part in was only for 4 hours each day. I thought I will be busy most of the day with the kids.
They even told me to practice at home Agriculture and football studies, to teach the kids. But the kids weren't around the volunteer house when I came, they were on vacation they haven’t told me that.
- The conditions were different from what they said on the web.(food for example)
- I had private personal reasons.
- After what the guy told me about the place, I didn't want to stay there alone with him.
I felt really uncomfortable around him. I didn't share this with Peter because I didn't know who is telling me the truth. Additionally, I decided not to speak with Peter about him because I was too scared this guy will find out, and he might hurt me.

After I had a conversation with Peter about leaving he told me that he understands me.
I asked him about refunding the 600-700$ that I paid for volunteering. He said he will pay me back the full refund I paid, and promised to keep me updated.
However, until now (September 8th, that’s 2 months) I didn't get a cent and no real update! (just excuses).
Most of times, Peter didn't even answer me or gave me any update as he promised.

The only thing I know for now:
Is that the accountant is in Nairobi for personal reasons. The accountant is not answering, even to Peter. (According to Peter and according to a screenshot of their conversation that Peter sent me once).

I'm very disappointed with the improper attitude!!

After my bad experience with "YAAPHA" I moved to another volunteering place in Arusha, orphanage, at school called "Upendo" , for 3 weeks as I planned (There I received a completely different attitude and proper volunteering).

I hope and expect "YAAPHA" will give me my money I deserve back!
It's really shame that after 2 months nothing happend.
Peter told me that at the September 15 he will update me . today is the 17 and I didn't got any update.

Givingway; kindly reply As Soon As Possible!!
I feel helpless. I need your support and your help with this issue."

on 17/09/2019