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I'd rather show how good I am, than to talk about it.. Hi, my name is Anton Chaplanka I was born at Ukraine at 1996 I'm 22 years old. My Hobbies are : diving, golf, soccer. I have a beautiful border collie her name is Mole I train and travel with her a lot.
In Israel after you finish your army military Service (I had worked with the '"idf eod team") you staring your "big trip" and to start my big trip in volunteering at Africa.
I am a person who believes in values and ethics and I think one of the most important values is to give back to the world and help and now I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to do it.

Animal Care
I Learn at school biology and computer science program. School "Alonei Yitzhak" and My military service has been significant to my development both skillfully, and personally. It made me face the technical challenges and be responsible and relied upon my team. This has given me a sense of purpose and duty, the qualities which are still strong in my life.
at high school