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Jessica Andrea Reyes


Jessica Andrea Reyes
Joined on 10/04/2016 Born 26/01/1988
I am what they call the unstoppable dreamer, I dream big an I will stop at nothing till that dream is fulfilled.. I am an energetic and enthusiastic Recent graduate of Business Manager who
enjoys a challenge and achieving personal goals. I possess outstanding
communication and negotiation skills, having worked well in a team
environment and forged strong and productive working relationships with all
stakeholders. I am focused and highly organised with the ability to lead, inspire
and motivate others. Having a proven track record of working to the very best of my ability; consistently exceeding targets and expectations. I am passionate
and ambitious, driven by a strong desire to do and be the best, applying a
proactive and determined work ethic at all times.

South America, Oceania
Animal Care
Working well in a team, excellent communication skills, Computer skills, Volunteering skills