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Onie Ahn

South Korea

Onie Ahn
Joined on 04/06/2017 Born 07/01/1986
A wildlife-lover both in casual and professional way.. I studied Animal behavior, ecology and evolution. After the master's degree, I have been working in a biodiversity foundation in S. Korea as well as Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots-Korea office.
I am interested in connecting scientists' work in wildlife conservation to the public in an efficient and proper way.
I am now in a vacation from work and want to broaden field experiences as well as travelling.

North America, Europe
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Observing and recording animal behavior, and tracking their traces. Analyzing ecological data. Any other physical works in field, such as cleaning up. Making and operating educational programs for public and children.
Running Roots and Shoots program in Korea which is grass-root style projects for animal, environment, and community done by voluntary groups. I helped as a coordinator of the groups.
I helped fellow researchers on many ecological field trips on amphibians, crustaceans, primates, and etc.
Teaching wildlife conservation to children.
Assistance of physical education for disability children.