Alliyah Wheaton

United States

Alliyah Wheaton
Joined on 05/07/2018. Born 09/08/1994
I am a 24 year old artist, photographer, videographer, traveler, explorer & overall woman of many trades, who lets my materials inspire me to make things.. Alliyah Wheaton graduated from the School of Visual Arts, in New York City, with an Honors Bachelor of Fine Art Photography and Video degree, and has attended École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Alliyah enjoys traveling and exploring new places around the world. In each place she captures the very essence of a space with every image she takes. For instance, as people walk by she does not just see a body. She sees every crevice, shadow, and angle. Each detail tells a story, and everything she sees represents a different layer. It’s up to the artist to notice and reveal each layer visually. One picture – one story – can change the way people see the world.

Central America, South America
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Web Work
Women Empowerment
Refugee Support
Photographer, Videographer, Artist, Manager, Hostess etc.
Building homes for the people in Soacha
Photographing/film volunteer project to build homes
Teaching English
Varsana Eco Village
Cultivarte Volunteer

"I honestly can't put into words how amazing my experience at Cultivarte was. Eyal and Natalia opened there farm with open arms and hearts. Everyday was different and I helped out during one of the yoga retreats where I learned so many amazing recipes from there talented chef Sara. I also helped out feeding the many animals, picking mandarins, building a walkway, working in the garden, taking photographs and much more. I can't express enough the love and positive energy I felt in this place. It was truly a life changing experience and I hope to get to visit again someday."

on 20/09/2018