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Jessica Jaimes


Jessica Jaimes
Joined on 21/10/2016 Born 13/01/1987
I love to make art, I hope I can give others a little of what I have and what I know. 2006- I studyed Design of image and sound and photography, I love to take pictures and video mostly documentary and wild life.
2010- I worked 5 years in a tv show for kids called ART ATTACK and learn to made handcrafts with recycle objects like bottles, paper etc...
2015 -Then I started to learn ceramics right know Im studying again to be a ceramic teacher, I have mi own oven and I do objects for eating like bowls, plates and some sculptures.
2016 - Right now im working in a Interior design studio, learning more about decoration and industrial design.

Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam
Photography, there are to many ways to teach others photography with poket cams, its really fun and interesting. ceramics, I learn to make ceramics art, I will love to teach others the diferent techniques, you can make an oven just with fire naturally. Art with recycle materials, the garbage can turn into beauty, and usefull objects!! just need imagination!!!!