Eloise Brookes

United Kingdom

Eloise Brookes

Joined on 20/08/2017. Born 31/01/2000
I'm currently studying German, geography and sociology as A levels before I go to university to (hopefully) study politics. My hobbies include reading, listening to music and volunteering with St John Ambulance. I'm also an active member of my church on the leadership team. I'd love to volunteer with a diverse organisation that allows me to help people and practice my language skills.

Want to visit

South America, Europe, Canada, Cayman Islands, Ecuador, Germany

Interested in

Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment

Additional Skills

My academic skills include GCSEs in many subjects, which are: sociology, English language and literature, maths, computing, geography, German and the three sciences. I am currently studying for A levels in German, geography, sociology and English language and have AS levels in all of these. I also have level 2 first aid from St John ambulance.

Past Volunteering Experience

I have been a volunteer with St John ambulance for the last five years and I'm now a lead cadet. This involves leading my unit in a variety of activities and working with members of the general public when I'm out on duty.

I also volunteer with my local rainbow unit, which involves helping to lead a group of five to seven year old girls so they can complete a variety of badges such as craft and fire safety. Finally, I spent a month in Ecuador as a camps international volunteer to aid with conservation and building projects.