Shirly Evron

Israel. Born 10/11/1994

Shirly Evron - Volunteering Profile

21 year old with the soul of a 2100 year old ;)

Im all about experiencing life at the moment, willing to go to places I have never been before and doing things I never did.

After i got released from th Israeli army I did a 2 month long Euro trip that gave me the taste of traveling with a backpack and experiencing new things, there is just so much to learn and see out there!

I like painting, listening to music, dancing and talking about life..

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, The Caribbean

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Conservation Work

I'm open to learn anything new.

I volenteered in-
A Israeli youth movment called "Hanoar Haoved".
Been a "Helper" in two festivals in Israel.
Volenteered on a ecological farm in the south of France, doing anything from picking tomatoes to milking goats.