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Ximena María Tercero


Ximena María Tercero
Joined on 25/10/2016 Born 15/01/1994
I love books and reading, I love to learn about history, world cultures, art, biology and many other subjets. I live to travel the world.

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Fiji, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Nepal, New Zealand
Animal Care
Archaeological Work
Conservation Work
Singer, Dancer and Musical Theater Actress. I speak spanish, english and a little bit of Italian.
I've volunteered in guatemalan hospitals as enterteiner for little children thar have to spend months inside the hospital. I spent a month in a little guatemalan village called Chajul teaching spanish and math to children from 5 to 12 years. I've been a volunteere with orphans and guatemalan senior citizens that are abandoned by their families.