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Elaneor Gordon

United Kingdom

Elaneor Gordon
Joined on 28/11/2016 Born 12/01/1998
"Very fun and a great sense of humour!". Hi my name is Ellie or well my legal name is Elaneor, but most people just call me Ellie. I am a very hard working individual who really wants to travel abroad and do whatever I can. I always wanted to travel and well help people. Sounds very different I know, but that is just me. I am an UK and United States passport holder so (dual citizenship if you will, giving me options to different visas)

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, South America, Australia, Bahamas, China, Japan, North Korea, Mexico, Philippines
I have looked after children since I was fourteen years of age. I come from a family of seven so I know a lot about kids. I also am in the middle of getting my TEFL and Childcare. My skills vary from, cleaning, bar tending, serving food, watching children, following directions, being happy and a lot more.
I haven't got a chance to Volunteer in many places! I have however have done an Work Experience in a playgroup for a week. Which was the best time of my life.