Chiara Febbraro


Chiara Febbraro
Joined on 01/04/2019 Born 26/06/1999
I am a 19 year old French business student currently based in Singapore for a semester and looking to volunteer in a non governmental organisation in South East Asia this june..

South East Asia
Faith and Wellness
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment
Refugee Support
management, softwares, photography...
I have been punctually involved in a lot of events and missions with NGOs such as Action Against Hunger or The Red Cross in the past, but had my first real associative experience last year, as i was Treasurer of a branch of HeForShe, which is a movement initiated by the the United Nations and which fights for gender equality in education, entrepreneurship and in every other aspect of the social sector. These twelve months have taught me a lot on trying to fight inequalities, supporting the people who need it and how to figure out ways to help. The experience made me grow both personally and professionally, and it is why I would now like to offer my help on a more concrete way, directly on the field.