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Kenya. Born 01/07/1975

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An institution in which children receive their first stage of mandatory education in Kenya

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Joyland Prime Academy is an institution that assists school aged children who cannot otherwise educate themselves, namely the orphaned, abandoned and poor children from communities.

The never ending circle of poverty and HIV/AIDS pandemic has left staggering number of children who lack the very basic education and needs to survive to adulthood.

The Joyland purpose is to alleviate suffering and educate these children by constructing facilities -school and medical clinic where these children can learn and get treatment until they become contributing members of society. And help to push back perpetual increase of school drop out,illiteracy rate, girl child forced marriage and prostitution, drug abuse and child labor

Due to high population of uneducated children, poverty rate and lack of enough such like institutions, Joyland Prime Academy was founded

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