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Denise Wiltshire

United Kingdom

Denise Wiltshire
Joined on 16/08/2017 Born 22/01/1960
British lady touring SE Asia and finishing in Cambodia mid September 2017. Currently in Vietnam.. I had organised some voluntary work in Siem Reap but unfortunately the organisation is no longer able to accommodate me. I would love to help in a voluntary capacity wherever I can; I'm passionate about conservation, wildlife, animals in general and the environment and would be happy to help from mid September. Providing visas can be extended I don't have to return to the UK until March.

South East Asia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Archaeological Work
I'm a qualified PA/Secretary with many years of experience. I have excellent communication skills and organisational abilities and have also worked in various other posts in the past.
Working with Somerset Wildlife Trust in the UK helping with surveys, monitoring etc., especially bats, otters and water voles.