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Angelica Sanabria Narvaez


Angelica Sanabria Narvaez
Joined on 23/08/2016 Born 09/01/1993
I don. I’ve working for 3 years as running coach at the “21 Korredores” team at Bogotá D.C. Some of my duties are plan and direct the activities, organize the team, and coordinate with other coaches the schedule and to support them when they need it.
I’ve worked with kids too, but in informal way. I was coach assistant in the Ossan Club since I was 16 until I went to University at 19. My duties were supervise the properly set up of the training plan, and to made some adjustments when they were needed.
My first teaching experience was at school in the social service program. I was the teacher assistant in the 2° grade every morning from 7 to 10 am and for one year. I helped the teacher with the class arrangement and the kids care.

Europe, Italy
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Disaster Relief
Women Empowerment
Refugee Support
I'm organize, empathetic, responsible and self-direct person. With love for teaching and training. English B2, Spanish native. Other skills: Leadership, event planning, troubleshooting, Sports coaching, problem solving, team work, coaching, analytical skills.
I don't have official volunteering experience,but I have worked in plenty of sports and educational short events supporting activities like, planning, logistics, paper work, assessment, people's location, childcare, and so on.