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Milena M Cravero


Milena M Cravero
Joined on 13/04/2017 Born 11/01/1991
My name is Milena, i'm from Argentina. I love travel and get in touch with local people to learn more about their culture. I'm a nature lover. I'm so interested in music, dance, yoga, food, religions and photography. I'm learning a little bit of audiovisual skills to expand photography's records in my future travels. One of my goals is learn everything i can, for instance, maybe i haven't experiences in eco building, but i'll be so happy to learn more about it.

Agriculture Work
Human Rights Work
Social Work
I am very sociable so I feel comfortable in any activity related to people, like being in a hostel's reception or at child care.I've been working like waitress for years in Brasil and Argentina. I could teach spanish, portuguese and english for begginers. I also could take photosor make a video for promote your project. And the most important thing is that I really want to learn and have new experecies.
Differents ativities with kids, patients and homeless in Thabarwa Centre (Myanmar)
Reception in a hostel in Goa (India)