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Mrs Tayo Dada


Mrs Tayo Dada
Joined on 26/07/2016 Born 01/01/1986
Focused, determined, caring and have a volunteering heart to improve the lives of many.. As an entrepreneur I see opportunities of improving transport as one of the ways to reduce constraints for producers in rural and remote communities. This will in long way empower rural communities and addressing issues of poverty and it’s complications.I want to explore opportunities of increasing intra community trading in Nigeria. It’s becoming increasingly important to increase trading among communities to avoid over dependence on foreign goods most of which can be available with adequate support to communities and efficient transport and logistic to get it to consumers.

Agriculture Work
As a graduate of Law and Mass Communication with long year experience in community development service, I developed requisite skills to design intervention programs for non profit organizations. This skills I have transferred in the establishment of a sustainable company that will still achieve the goal of empowerment especially for rural women. I have experience in Project management, social research, administration, leadership, basic book keeping and accounting. These skills have been instrumental to conceiving the business which came about form result of a survey carried out to identify major challenges facing the small scale rural farmers. My management skills have also assisted in the management of my team of staff to harmonize our personal goals to the organizational goals to ensure we bring wealth to the community from which we can now draw our own sustenance. my skills in project management has also enhanced our development of innovate and special cost control methods to drive down transportation and logistic costs for the rural farmer.