Sabela González García


Sabela González García

Joined on 04/07/2017. Born 18/01/1994
Im a Journalist who loves learning and helping and being usefull. Im really passionate in what I do.
I wanna give voice to people who cannot report some unfair situations or conflicts.
I believe in real Journalism, working hard, talking face to face to people, getting to know each other, trusting, getting closer and always looking for the truth.

Want to visit

Africa, South America, Middle East, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Iraq, Morocco, Palestinian Territory, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey

Interested in

Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
Social Work

Additional Skills

Journalist, camera, reporter, media, social media, human rights, social work. Lets say I can do almost everything, cause even if I dont know, I will learn.

Past Volunteering Experience

I was EVS in Germany, working as a media trainer, camera, photographer and reporter.
I collaborated with some food collecting campains.