Rolando Ancajima Calle


Rolando Ancajima Calle

Joined on 09/08/2017. Born 30/01/1981
Culture change people. Culture Promoter, i'm leader of "Chepen Pone" Association Culture, we development project of art, music, books, performance and theater; and show of culture & arts.
i´m Married, 36 years old, administrator and multimedia producer; i have some enterprises as:;; and other.

Want to visit

Central America, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Interested in

Animal Care
Web Work
Social Work

Additional Skills

Multimedia producer; organization of events, culture promotor, musical manager, show producer, marketing and branding, videographer and editing.

Past Volunteering Experience

Fireman of Peru; House Culture of Chepén, Chepen Pone Organisation.