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Casey Maxwell

Joined on 15/02/2017. Born 18/06/1989
Passionate about travel, conservation and education.. My name is Casey Maxwell and I am currently a primary school teacher in New Jersey, USA. I teach special education to a group of eight students in the general education classroom setting of twenty four students. I have been a teacher for five years. I have an Associates degree in Biology, a Bachelor’s degree in History and English and a Master’s Degree in Primary and Special Education. I am also a certified Reading Specialist. In my classroom, my students have conducted research projects about conservation and what they can do to help protect the earth. I think that it is important to teach and show my students the challenges our planet is currently facing and watch them come up with ways that they as 9/10 years olds can do and make a difference. I come from a family of volunteers who are passionate about helping others. I love being outside, working with nature and traveling. In my free time I like to garden, go hiking and exploring as well as to visit my family and friends around the globe. In thinking about the skills that I have which might be useful for this expedition, I am passionate about helping others, making a difference and meeting new people. I work well with others and am a good listener. I also love to learn and am always willing to try new things. I think that this project would be an excellent opportunity for me to meet new people, learn about a topic that interests me and participate in activities that will help in the protection of wildlife.

Want to Visit

Europe, Oceania

Interested in

Conservation Work


I am an enthusiastic learner and listener. I am able to work as part of a team. I am also able to problem solve and give out my own ideas and opinions while listening to those of others. I am also a hard worker who puts 100% into everything that I do.

Past Volunteering Experience

Last summer I volunteered with the cetacean research and rescue unit in Northern Scotland.

Organizations I Support

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU)

My Reviews

An Amazing Experience!

"This past summer I had the opportunity to volunteer with the CRRU and what a marvelous and unforgettable experience it was! It completely exceeded any expectation that I had going in. It was actually a let down to go back to the "real" world after such an experience with the most wonderful and kind people.

The CRRU team is a dedicated and passionate group of professionals who truly care and value the work that they do and what you bring to the table as a volunteer. Not only do you get to be in a picture perfect location, in the North East of Scotland on the Moray Firth, but you get to experience it with volunteers from all of the world. I honestly don't think I've consistently laughed that hard each day for quite some time!

In addition to the laughter and fun, I can also say that I learned a tremendous amount about cetaceans, the necessity of conservation, driving and maintaining a boat and much, much more. The CRRU is an opportunity that I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do and couldn't recommend it more to others who are interested!"

on 18/10/2017