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Sebastian Hill


Sebastian Hill
Joined on 21/02/2017 Born 08/01/1995
Looking for my first experience as a volunteer!. Hi there! I'm Sebastian and I'm 21 years old.

I am a student, currently in my third year at uni and doing my best to get my Business degree.
I love people with an open mind and spirit. Not into conservative, ignorant and intolerant people. If you're xenophobic, racist, sexist or homophobic then please, go away!

I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries and places with my family, friends or by myself. Love discovering the beauty of this planet!!

I am looking forward to help around, as I have never volunteered before :P

Europe, Greece, Iceland
Animal Care
Web Work
Social Work
I speak three languages: English, French and Spanish which I think it could help with administration work. I also like animals and taking care of them and I have basic skills with techonology.
I have never volunteered before.