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Giorgio Scarfi

United Kingdom

Giorgio Scarfi
Joined on 06/07/2017 Born 09/01/1985
Born and bred in Rome. Living in London since 9 years. Open minded, positive and friendly attitude.. I'm a positive and friendly person and like to offer my help when people need it. I would like to join an organisation who help children in Brazil and take part of their volunteer program as I think it's a great way to help others and it's a nice opportunity to enrich your soul and heart.

South America, Brazil
Human Rights Work
Design and web development, cooking, playing sports
I don't have a real volunteer experience in my life but I do help a non profit organisation in London since 5 years so I know what commitment and sacrifice without profit means but it's truly rewarding in terms of human relations. I'm one of the managers and I'm responsible for organising events for a part of the Italian community over here who like to gather together to watch football matches and to play sports together. I'm also taking care of their website and social profiles and I'm in charge of their football team.