Claire Beighton

United Kingdom

Claire Beighton

Joined on 26/12/2017. Born 23/05/1991
Im a nurse in the UK who is planning to travel to South America in Sept/Oct 2018.
During this time I wish to use my skills and training as a nurse and find an organisation to volunteer with who support those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and aim to improve their health and life quality through health checks and education.
I have been taking Spanish lessons for the past year to prepare myself for this.

Want to visit


Interested in

Women Empowerment

Additional Skills

Nursing, Empathy, Teamwork, Sociable, Caring, Leadership

Past Volunteering Experience

Working with the Elderly in UK

Organizations I Support

Sharing Dreams Project
ONG Asociación de Desarrollo Social, Cultural, Científica Perú "ONG ADSCPERU"
Otra Cosa Network