Francesco Indra Bovo

Colombia. Born 18/06/1982

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Francesco Indra Bovo - Volunteering Profile

Architect with a PgD in International Cooperation and Management for Development Projects - Italian, Spanish, English

I studied my degree in Italy, I had an ERASMUS in Spain, and I studied a Post-degree in Colombia where I am living now. I have also lived in the UK for one year.
I have been working as an architect since I got my degree but I would like to use my abilities and my profession for something more. Something that could change our territory and our society where we are living.

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work

SKILL AS AN ARCHITECT: restoration, the design of building, urbanism, landscape. SKILL AS AS COOPERANT: develop projects, field analysis, and Economic budget PERSONAL SKILL: passionate, punctual, hardworking, recursive

In this moment I am founding an ong with a friend. We are working on different projects: urban territory development, empowerment of women and post-conflict.