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Lucrecia Caramagna


Lucrecia Caramagna
Joined on 01/01/2017 Born 20/01/1983
I'm 33 years old. I'm from Patagonia but I live in Buenos Aires, since 2007. I work as editor on television. I love wildlife and when I travel always try to get some experience with animals because I enjoy it very much.. I always been interested in wildlife since a was a child.
I have had several pets over the years, generally dogs and cats.
My parents transmitted love and respect for the lives of animals and plants, and it is something that I thank you for life, because that was the seed of the consciousness that I have today for our planet, the only place we have to live.

Central America, South America
Animal Care
I am a very responsible and respectful person from the environment where I am. I like to learn from new experiences because they enrich me as a person. I like to contribute and help on practical issues and to establish affective bonds with both animals and people to improve their conditions.
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