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Joined on 19/08/2017 Born 08/01/1993
Curious, vibrant girl.. Hello! I'm Valeria. I've studied Physics at university, but now I'm changing my field of studies, focusing on renewable energy, non-profit economy and sustainability. One of my life-goals is to live part of my life in different places, with totally other cultures. Maybe with people in need, or in some critical social context, where I could help in some way. I think this would be the best attempt to try to understand and give sense to my young life.

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, South America, Middle East
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Physicist, with classical High School diploma. I've been working with kids in reception centres for migrants in Milan; also in other public leisure centres. I play the guitar and sing -I studied music and singing-.
None abroad yet.