Joined on 25/12/2017. Born 05/01/1992
I'm from the beginning grown up in a small village two miles from a small city of middle sweden. We had chickens when i grow up and later I had my own horse at the age of 15. My family never had a interest of horses so I had to make a good effort at school and at the same time learn all about my horse and how to grow up whit the hobby.
I have always been responsible and never thought of myself that i could't accomplice something.
When i go for someting.. Well i go 100 %.
My bad sides are i love coffe to much and love to sleep in the morning..

For now I have quit my job and going to Vietnam 4 January 2018, I'm going to solo backpacking for the first time.
It's going to be a big adventure, and on my way i'm going to couchsurfing to know more about the people in the country and hopefully get new friends on the way.
And i really think that volunteering is a good way to find new feinds and learn more about life.

Want to Visit

South Asia, South East Asia, Oceania, The Caribbean

Interested in

Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Faith and Wellness
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment


Cooking food, horses, gardening whit flowers and eateble plants, cleaning of everything. I love to work whit my hands and body. I'm not a person who sits. I have loads of energy most of the time and love to give that to someone else who gets happy, thats a gift for me. To make people smile.

Past Volunteering Experience

I have none. But i like to try different areas where I can help

Organizations I Support

Kep Gardens Association