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Eider Zubizarreta


Eider Zubizarreta
Joined on 29/04/2016 Born 05/01/1987
Passionate about teaching with great initiative and motivation to embark on new projects and willing to take new risks to fight against injustice.. I consider myself a person well prepared academically having deepened in complementary areas which have helped me to increase my solvency. The formative experience as well as various job experiences in which I have participated have led me to develop a range of skills and abilities among which the capacity for teamwork, adaptability and skills to face innovative challenges. A life journey that has given me the opportunity to demonstrate my ability to plan and manage my time effectively. Thanks to my passion for travel, I managed to become an independent person, able to adapt to any situation assuming all liabilities.
By participating as a voluntarily I would like to add my grain of sand so that every child could had the opportunity to grow in a safe environment, to have access to a quality education

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, North America, Central America, South America, Middle East, Oceania, The Caribbean