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Danilo Borja


Danilo Borja
Joined on 24/01/2017 Born 26/01/1988
Passionate about helping to meet the Sustainable Development goals through volunteerism. The power of the people!. I am a very enthusiastic and optimistic person who believes that we can change the world by taking collective action. I want to know and be identified with the problems of communities around the world before starting my PhD studies in development. I do not want to be only a regular human being.

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Laos, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Social Work
GIS, English, Project Management, Environmental Remediation, Soccer.
Chonbuk National University Jeonju, 2016
Led fundraising event for victims of the earthquake in Ecuador.
Collected more than 4,000 USD in 4 days of campaign.

Ecuadorian Embassy in South Korea Jeonju, 2015-Present
Recruiting and assisting students aiming to pursuit higher education in South Korea.

“Parroquia la Eperanza” Ecuador, 2014 (1 month )
Conducted a GIS- based assessment of the sewage network.

“Techo” Ecuador, 2010 (15 days)
Built emergency houses for people living under extreme poverty.

Amazoonico Animal Rescue Center Tena, 2007 and 2009 (2 Months)
Monitored rescued animals and giving tours in the area in conjunction with local communities and local and international volunteers.

“Sagrados Corazones” Psychiatric Hospital Quito, 2005 (7 months)
Assisted hospital personnel to monitor patients.