Elena Degl Innocenti

Switzerland. Born 07/09/1976

Elena Degl Innocenti - Volunteering Profile

Smile and be open to changes, that's my key to live happily with good friends around me

I'm a biologist working in Biomedical research, interested in nature&wildlife conservation. I like travelling and exploring new environments...there's always something new that it's worth to learn about! I love mountains and seaside, but don't like boats...
I would like to have a special experience volunteering to useful projects. There's so much beauty on our planet, I would like to give a small but important contribute.

Africa, North America, The Caribbean, Antartica

Animal Care

Biological Research Lab procedures (manipolation of blood and tissue samples for analysis), data collection&analysis. Zoology skills (from my Master Degree in Biology) Fluent English, Italian mother tongue