Clara Bader


Clara Bader
Joined on 11/12/2018 Born 26/09/2001
I am a young and enthusiastic woman, who seeks to tackle social and health issues. I love working with people and helping others to fulfill their dreams or just to make their life a little better. Meeting and getting to know people from different backgrounds and cultures is one if the biggest hopes I have for my time volunteering, since I find that through these enriching experiences you always learn more about yourself.
I like to take responsibility. I am the president of the Abiballkomitee and therefor have to take care of the planning of our graduation Celebration and fundraising. Furthermore, I am a mentor for the now 7th graders, helping them find their way at secondary school and being there for them in times of need.

Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
I speak four languages: German (native language), English (Cambridge C1), French (DELF B1) and Latin even though you can not really speak it (Big Latinum). I also have a German stick shift drivers license (class B).
In my hometown here in Germany I helped a young Indian woman and her family to learn German and helped her get settled into her new home by communicating with her teachers and supporting her in difficult tasks as far as I could.
I spend one month in the summer of 2018 in Thailand teaching English at a primary school and got to know the culture and the people, which I really enjoyed.