Sokhna Assatou


Sokhna Assatou
Joined on 18/12/2017 Born 31/01/1960
I am a hard worker,loyal and dedicated to tasks before me. To volunteer and work in a organization can help me further my goals.. I am a current volunteering with QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE ORGANIZATION. I have volunteered in several associations in Senegal in the past and love to share the mission of QSV throughout Senegal. I love to organize meetings and seek potential volunteers to help in the mission.

Africa, Senegal
Social Work
Women Empowerment
advertising, marketing and recruiting.
I have volunteered in many local villages in Senegal
Sokhna Assatou is going to volunteer with QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE, INC in Senegal
Updated on 18/12/2017
" I have been volunteering for Queen Sheba Village for quite sometime now and just have registered on Giving Way.I hope to volunteer from time to time indefinitely on a "as need" basis. My experience has been great and I have increased my knowledge in nonprofit work. I have a good admiration in Madame Queen Sheba and the mission, values and goals of the foundation itself. I hope to see the organization grow and expand beyond Senegal as it seems that is the many diverse requests we received. To be a permanent member would satisfy me greatly. "