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Tiffani Fest

United States

Tiffani Fest
Joined on 25/10/2016 Born 10/01/1981
Actress, Buddhist, Human Activist & Culture Enthusiast

South Asia, India
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
Building/ Babysitting / child care/ General Maintenance/ Cooking / shopping/ Help with Eco project/ Help in the house/ Animal care/ Charity work/ Language practice/ Art project/Basic Yoga & Stretching/ Help with Computers / internet/Social Media Teaching/ Fundraising
September 2015 - helped rebuild a primary school in rural Nepal post earthquake. We fundraised for the building supplies, helped in the actual build - making concrete, digging the foundation, pouring concrete, stacking bricks etc. We also helped in our off time in the community to teach English, play with the school children, & helped with general maintenance & cleaning. We also did a "trash pick up" with the school children and educated them on the effects of littering, using designated receptacles, and having respect for the earth & the school ground

June 2016 - Worked with a free education program for slum children in Varanasi, India. I fundraised, supplied books & backpacks, helped teach English, basic hygeine & games to the children. Helped with the cooking & cleaning. Repainted & organized the entire classroom. Again, helped in trash pick ups and came face to face with the mounds of trash in the slums & on the streets.
Tiffani Fest was approved to volunteer with Shri Jasnath Asan inIndia
Updatedon 18/05/2017
" I am very interested in expanding my yoga and meditation practice and experiencing life in an ashram. I am a practicing Nichiren Buddhist & love expanding my spiritual journey with other shared philosophies. I also love children and am well versed at teaching English, tutoring, playing games, singing & dancing "
Shri Jasnath Asan