Rosa Lambert


Rosa Lambert
Joined on 07/09/2017.

Kep Gardens - home for everyone

"I volunteered for 4 weeks in Kep Gardens. I've met lovely people, nice kids and most of all, I've found a place that everyone could call his or her home. Although there is work to do, I really found peace and rest in this place. As a volunteer, you feel very useful because there are specific tasks and programes organised for you. The people who work at Kep Gardens take very good care of you, you can always communicate your needs or desires in a non-judging atmosphere. You live close to the jungle, in the middle of rural Cambodian life. This makes your experience even more authentic and valuable because it is in no way similiar to what you are used to at home. I would recommend this place right away to everyone who likes to travel alternatively, who wants to contribute to the local community and who doesn't bother to live in basic conditions.
(Also, the food is really delicious!!!)"

on 09/09/2017