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Youssef Hassan


Youssef Hassan
Joined on 11/03/2017 Born 07/01/1998
I am an Egyptian young soul, currently living and studying in Germany. I was one of the youngest Egyptian travelers -if not the youngest- who started backpacking solo to different countries around the world when I was 16, which is very unusual in Egypt. My first trip had a huge effect in my life, seeing all those new places and meeting all those different people, seeing the different cultures, prespectives and way of living changed my entire point of view about life. I am interested in deep philosophical topics, politics, economics, sports, travelling and reading. I believe that we are here on Earth for a reason, and I accept that this reason is helping each other and living in peace.

I am very good at communicating with people, getting to know cultures, learning languages and buliding strong networks all over the world. I am also good at organizing events as a leader or as a participant in a team. I am good at dealing with children and teenagers as I was working in this field in Egypt and I tried it several times in Germany by working as a volunteer in a refugees camp for children. I am a person who criticizes alot and have a good way in seeing the weak points of an idea or a person, and I see the beautiful stuff in everything.
I was a volunteer at ´Life Makers Organisation´ in Cairo for 3 years, which aims to develop the community. I was working in the field of illiteracy eliminating projects, school students skills development and charity work for the poor people. I was also one of the people who started a startup in Cairo ´Have A Dream´ that aims to organize youth volunteering camps all over the world for 2 years now. I have also worked several times as a volunteer in a refugees camp for children in Germany.