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Maria Ilmenskaya


Maria Ilmenskaya
Joined on 24/07/2016 Born 25/01/1983
A Mom of two, an English language-lover, a founder of Artful English project in a small Russian town. I'm a teacher of English who seeks for creative and encouraging ways to help others learn a language.
I founded a project Artful English, where people of all ages learn and improve language skills through setting up dramatizations, playing board games, reading books (Storytime for kids and Book Club for adults), watching and discussing films and series, attending art and crafts workshops conducted in English, i.e. the language is intergrated in different activities. I organize cultural, entertaining, intellectual events for all those people interested in languages and cultural exchange.
Living in a small town in the depth of the country we cannot afford native speakers as teachers. Thus I started inviting volunteers to help with our artistic and creative project. Having met some wonderful and outstanding people from different parts of the world, I decided to contribute to any other community with my experience and ideas.

As a Mom of a girl (2010) and a boy (2015) I want to show my little ones the beauty of this huge world. I started with making friends with people who come to our place from different corners of the world. As my kids grow older I dream to show them the world through visiting those and other places.

Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Central America, South America, The Caribbean
English Advanced; Teaching experience; Organizing events; Working out educational activities; Setting up creative projects
I haven't volunteered before, but my startup project requires lots of unpaid efforts ))))