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Naim Manriquez


Naim Manriquez
Joined on 13/07/2017 Born 30/01/1988
Let everyone else run, we are walking. To get there, do not run. Just keep on the road.. Hello everyone,

I'm Naim Manríquez from Mazatlán (México). A little town in the mexican pacific coast. I just finished the PhD in Regional Science. I was working at the university and I published some articles for academic journals.

I left my work in México because I want to travel and help people around the world. I want to be volunteer in diverse communities to help people with citizens empowerment and inclusion.

Recently I was working in an eco village and ecological markets in Mexico. Now I want to do it in South America. And to return to my country.

South America, Argentina
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Archaeological Work
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Help with natural construction and organic gardens. Institutional arrangements, management and administration of common-pool resources. Management and organization of urban gardens. Planning and organization of social projects. Home duties
* Tianguis Orgánico de Chapingo *

* Actua Verde A.C. *

* RIPESS - Red Intercontinental para la Promoción de la Economía Solidaría *