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Mario del Dago


Mario del Dago
Joined on 16/02/2017 Born 21/01/1988
im an upgoing and energic person, i like to talk with people about everithing. i love to share good times :) ,intercultural learning and understanding,
i dont smoke,drink or anithing similar, im used to live together with many people, i enjoy clean common spaces, like kitchen for example
i like arts, all type of them, music, visual and writing

South Asia, South America, Oceania, The Caribbean, Brazil, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Colombia, Ecuador, Fiji, Micronesia, Mongolia, Solomon Islands, Togo, Virgin Islands
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Social Work
im anthropolgist, i speak spanish, porteguese, and english, i work many years during my studies as a seller, i have wide knowledege about nlp (neuro linguistic programation) know how to detect needs, allys, and interests during a conversation. i know also first aid, im a bartender also :), i have experience on construction area,...a bit of electricity, a bit of pottery, and this year i will learn plumbing im a writer and a musisian also. i have knowledege on maintenance of orchard and conpost.
-Animals of medic importance 2003: i was 13 years old, with my school i gave public capacitations to prevents accidents with snakes, spiders and escorpions
-Un Techo para mi País, La Plata2011: detection of structural vulnerabilitys in Villa Arguello, and Altos de San Lorenzo, and direct constructions in those areas
-Votamos luchar2014: Liberación Mar del Plata, in Mar del Plata city, i colaborate with schoolar support to childreen between 5 to 13 years old
-La Unidad Vivero de la Fcnym1012-2015: i made with a team, the administration management, and the direct construction of that space, and the maintenace also
-Red Cross volunteer 2016: in fist aid: i assist to public events, and assist emergences