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Isabella Vargas Hurtado Vela


Isabella Vargas Hurtado Vela
Joined on 28/02/2017 Born 15/01/1995 I am a 21 year old girl who is looking for an opportunity to share with others who are in need. I have always had a great sensibility and I would like to help people who haven´t had as many opportunities as others. I think that anyone can make the difference by giving out time, love, patience and willingnes. Helping others gives meaning to my world.

Africa, Central Asia, North America, South America, The Caribbean, Aruba, Australia, Belize, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, India
I like helping children and people who needs me. I am good at making all kinds of crafts including knitting. I also like cooking and dancing.
It was for a short time. I volunteered for the FIDES program here in Colombia. This organization takes care of children with Down Syndrome.