Marcela Illanes


Marcela Illanes

Joined on 30/04/2017. Born 23/01/1968
I am a 49 years old, retired teacher who always worked with special needs children and a single mother of 3 (26 yo, 20 yo, 14 yo) who will like to devote my free time to helping out.. I have always devoted my life to helping people in need and now I would like for it not to be a work but a way of life, travelling with different organizations and helping out where I can.
I want to travel and know different cultures, languages, religions; to enrich my life by working in giving back to the Earth.
I speak spanish as my mother tongue and I have basic understanding of the English language.

Interested in

Animal Care

Additional Skills

Teaching, cooking, caring of people and household animals, general knowledge, basic computer work, basic understanding of the English language.

Past Volunteering Experience

None yet.