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Marcela Illanes


Marcela Illanes
Joined on 30/04/2017 Born 23/01/1968
I am a 49 years old, retired teacher who always worked with special needs children and a single mother of 3 (26 yo, 20 yo, 14 yo) who will like to devote my free time to helping out.. I have always devoted my life to helping people in need and now I would like for it not to be a work but a way of life, travelling with different organizations and helping out where I can.
I want to travel and know different cultures, languages, religions; to enrich my life by working in giving back to the Earth.
I speak spanish as my mother tongue and I have basic understanding of the English language.

Animal Care
Teaching, cooking, caring of people and household animals, general knowledge, basic computer work, basic understanding of the English language.
None yet.