Marina Orfila Febrer


Marina Orfila Febrer

Joined on 23/10/2016. Born 19/01/1996
Entusiastic person who loves languages, to discover new cultures and travel.. I decided that I wanted to make a difference so I wanted to do some volunteering but I did not want to contemplate only an option rather than lots of them and see which one fits better to my profile.

Want to visit

Africa, Central America, Europe, Oceania, Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Peru, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, U.S., Zambia, Zimbabwe

Interested in

Animal Care

Additional Skills

I can speak Spanish, Catalan, English and German. I work well under pressure, well-organized and really sociable.

Past Volunteering Experience

I did some volunteering in the local animal protector.