Sarah Labelle


Sarah Labelle

Joined on 25/09/2016. Born 29/01/1994
About to graduate in History
Full of energy, and motivation to become an expert in spanish
Love to travel, of course. I like to travel for scenery and nature, but what I prefer is to learn about the culture (language, mainly) and the history of the countries I visit.

Want to visit

South America, Peru

Additional Skills

I speak French, ENglish and Spanish. A lot of experience in working with the public (been working in custumer service since I was fifteen)

Past Volunteering Experience

Two workcamps in Catalunya in 2013 : archeology (we worked in the Montsoriu castle) and community work (in garden, with kids) in the town of Sabadell.
Lots of volunteering in my town when I was in High School (at community center, or for fundraising).

Organizations I Support

Cooperar Peru