Marco Petzoldt

Germany. Born 01/08/1987

Marco Petzoldt

Joined on 05/11/2016.
Always open to new adventures!

In this year's summer I finished my professional training as a nursery-school teacher in Germany.
But before I start into the everyday working life, I want to get to know the world a bit more - I always wanted to travel Africa.
Now I can combine this wish with my profession, also to put my acquired skills into practice.

Primarily I'm looking for social projects, where I can play my part to contribute to people's and children's welfare. But I'm always open to a variety of activities and projects.


Animal Care

As mentioned above I'm a professional trained nursery-school teacher. Also thereby I can play the guitar. Apart from that I'm always open to new experiences, situations and challenges and I like to test myself.