Yemen. Born 11/03/1980

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EIIYH ARNABC - Volunteering Profile

Resident in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. Here is another email: Ahmed@arnabc.com

About Me

I am a quiet man, I love reading books a lot. I like the work of paints because it gives a kind of change and joy to people, and feel happy.

South America, Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru

Agriculture Work
Archaeological Work
Disaster Relief
Arts and Crafts
Social Work

Basic Skill I am a professional painter for 13 years, the side skills of web design, as well as Arabic cooking, fried chicken as a recipe I invented.

I have not done voluntary work with international organizations in the past.
Only personal volunteer work, for the needy financially as well as the implementation of paints for the needy.