Wim Achterberg


Wim Achterberg
Joined on 08/05/2017. Born 02/01/1950
retired but still dynamic in life. retired English teacher, travelled all over the world as backpacker and still do. Now teaching on project base

South East Asia, India
few years in Cambodia, from 5 days to 3 months.
every year in India, farm work 1-2 months
Wim Achterberg; The Experience of a Lifetime!

"If you have the intention to do voluntary work in Asia, I would definitely recommend you to do so in beautifully situated KepGardens, Cambodia.
Here children from a very young age are taught English, not only about grammar but also how to improve their reading skills and get a better command of their fluency.
They are highly motivated, after the hours which they have to attend their high schoolclass, they come to Kep to get extra lessons.

Especially for reading and talking English with them, volunteers are essential. But there is also plenty of room for your own idea how to fill in lessons. You don't necessarily have to be a teacher, most important is that you like children, know how to get along with them and want to contribute to their further development.

In the past couple of years I have worked here as a volunteer, varying from a few days to three months. And every time I noticed how important it is what you are doing as a volunteer and the impact your work has on these children. I will come back in the future, for sure!

Wim Achterberg, The Netherlands"

on 14/05/2017