cristina sanchez fernandez

Spain. Born 26/03/1995

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cristina sanchez fernandez - Volunteering Profile

i´m a person with interest in cosnservation of the nature and and animals, i love travel and meet new ways to think,i love new cultures.

ok... mmm i love juggling, play guitar, ride a bike and laught all time, i´m a HAPPY person ( with capittal letters) i like to transmit my passion for the world and the nature for all people, im very open-minded and is easy for me to change my form of life , im crazy for the astronomy ( the sky)

Central America, South America, Oceania, The Caribbean, Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Kiribati, Nicaragua, Peru

Animal Care
Conservation Work

- Monitor of young people -Guide to natural parks -Astronomy - monitor of kayak -chatty

in Cabo Verde (africa) with sea turttles and in granada (spain) in a solar boat to concienciate to the peolple to the care of the sea and beach