Gabriela Lozada


Gabriela Lozada
Joined on 18/08/2018.

An incredible and unexpected experiencie

"I went to Vietnam without any knowledge about the country and any teaching experience before, I'd say a little bit afraid too but since the moment I arrived to VCV I feel like home, everything was amazing, they were like family to me and the opportunity that I received to teach changed my life in so many different ways.
I was volunteering at VCV for three months and really I can say it was one of my favorites places in the world, you can experience friendship, culture, happiness for helping people, compassion and also fun. I found great friends that I'll never forget. The teaching experience is gratifying and now I miss my kids everyday!!!
Miss Hay has a very beautiful heart and I admire her work in the organization. She's a smart, compassionate, strong and funny woman. I hope our paths will crossed again one day.

If you're thinking about to go to Vietnam for volunteering, this will be the best place to stay.

PLUS: The country is soooo beautiful and the food is amazing."

on 18/08/2018