Ellen Tamatey


Ellen Tamatey
Joined on 04/02/2018. Born 17/01/1997
Ellen Tamatey
I believe in humanity and free thinking.. I'm a medical student who is also very interested in computer science. I'm all out for learning to serve and empowering others.

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, The Caribbean
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Web Work
Women Empowerment
Teaching, basic medical skills and basic web development skills.
Empowering Our Future Leaders.

"The Kisseman Foundation is giving a wonderful educational opportunity among several others to the young ones in the community. I would say the staff, who are very exciting to work with, are doing a tremendous job, and deserve all the support they need.
Kudos guys"

on 04/02/2018