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Martina Perez


Martina Perez
Joined on 02/02/2017 Born 23/01/1998
Citizen of the world and adventure lover. Future World Traveler.. I want to know the world, experience new things, help to make the world a better place. 19 years.

Africa, South Asia, North America, Central America, Oceania, The Caribbean, Antarctica, Australia, Barbados, Costa Rica, France, France, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States
Animal Care
Women Empowerment
Spanish speaker but I am also speak fluent English. I know a little bit of Portuguese and currently learning Italian. I know how to play the ukulele and now I am learning how to play drums and the harmonica. I am a sporty person, i have played volleyball and football, among others. I enjoy learning new things, I am a fast learner when I am determined or really like something.