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Highly unsuitable for international volunteers

"I have been associated with development sector since 8th grade. I am a Human Resource Development professional with specialization from Rochester, NY. Served previously in 3 countries. However had the worse experience with this organization. The man in-charge is highly unprofessional. Took my money for safekeeping and till now has not completely given it back. The homestay was in the middle of nowhere and unsafe. Back wall of the house was broken down and the place was filthy and unkept. The guy hadnt even been in the house for over 6 months. I was told there would be other local volunteers. I was the only one there. I was provided with only one light bulb that was placed in the corridor. I used to bathe and move around using my cell phone light. There was no pre-agreed program costs and despite that ‘Frank Mills Akuffu’ took $250 from me. The only thing I was provided with was one meal at the school.
One of the Worse experiences ever !!

Amna Yameen"

on 15/08/2018