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Mauricio Gómez
Joined on 08/08/2017 Born 20/01/1982
Traveler (End: SFO & ECU Next: PER). Photographer & Blogger. Business Developer & Digital Marketer. Food, Coffe & Music lover. Serial Enterpreneur. Digital Nomad.. I am entrepreneur, father, son, CEO, PMP and Scrum Master. I am a software developer with 18 years of experience and I am in love with the Web development from 10 years ago. Currently, I am working in admin areas with jobs titles like CEO, CVO, Business Strategy and Business Developer.

I am addicted to travel, the entrepreneurship, the good food, the beautiful places and the pleasant company.

I am an amateur sportsman, enthusiastic reader, amateur photographer and film lover from the womb. I am a Music lover and I like several kinds of music. I think that I was born again after knowing the social and protest songs.

If I were to choose, I would choose my mother again and if life permits, I would like to be a nomad that find your home in each new city that I know.

Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, North America, South America, Europe
Agriculture Work
Web Work
Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Start-up Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring, Team Mentoring, Leadership Mentoring, Team Building, Team Leadership, Team Management, Business Development, Business Strategy, Business Planning, Business Intelligence, Startup Development, Product Launch, Pitch Development, Certified PMP-PMI, Negotiation, Certified Scrum Master CSM, Project Management, PSP, Business Model Generation, Balanced Scorecard, Bussines Model Canvas, Lean Startup, CMMI Level 2, AWS, MySql, PHP, Java, JAVA EE, XML, HTML, jQuery, CSS, CSS3, HTML 5, Wordpress, Joomla, Ajax, UML, Software Development, Amazon S3, Android, Google Apps, Google Analytics, Web Applications, Web Development, Mobile Applications.
I was a boy scout on my country (Scouts de Colombia). I was an active member for 14 years. My latest activity there was centered on help about 18 young people (between 14 and 21 years) of my group to overcome several troubles related to his age and the new life cycles to face (school, college, university, girls and boyfriends, alcohol, drugs, etc). I was a section director/boss.